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  • How does manufacturing with OneLove work?
    We are hired by fashion designers and clothing retailers to source for and project manage their entire productions from overseas, so they don’t need to. We save our clients a lot of time, aggravation, money and resources and deliver a quality well priced final product into your hands.
  • What are the benefits of using a production agent like OneLove vs doing it on my own?
    Three words: Time. Aggravation. Money. Simply put, the amount of time and money it would take you to try to do what we have already perfected is too costly. Besides the enormous costs of travel, imagine how long it will take you to: find the best ethical manufacturers and suppliers in Bali, test them, trust them to not cheat you, get them to focus on your project and not dump you for a bigger order or disappear completely, ensure quality is achieved for each piece every time, learn to speak in a foreign language, to learn foreign business ethics & rules & culture, or to simply ensure that you get exactly what you want immediately. We've seen many designers lose a lot of time an money trying a DIY approach. It is more cost effective to use a trusted agent like us. It also massively reduces the stress so you can focus on being creative and marketing your brand.
  • Can I get the contact details of manufacturers and suppliers?
    No. Our manufacturers range from small skilled artisans to huge factories. They don't have webites and don't speak english. And they deal with us because we have a long standing business relationship with them. They don't deal directly with individuals. It's taken years for us to source honest reliable suppliers and for them to trust us. We've formed a great working relationship with them so you don't have to.
  • Are there any products you can't make?
    We currently can produce almost all products that we can source here in Bali. If we can't produce it in our own factory we can source a producer for you and oversee the production.
  • I want cheap but good quality production, can you help?"
    The words “cheap” and “quality” don't really go together in the fashion manufacturing industry. Cheap can mean unethical, low quality, and bad business ethics. OL only works with ethical high quality manufacturers that produce high quality garments consistently. However our prices are the best in the market offering low minimum orders to help get start ups off the ground.
  • I'm not a designer but I have an idea for a range. Can you also design for me?
    Yes we can. We have white label designers on hand to execute the design aspect of your production and also manage production. We reccommend a branding and design consult with the owner to get started. Check out our packages here.
  • I'm in Bali soon, can we meet in person?"
    Yes we can. Simply contact us to set up a meeting in person at our office in Kerobokan.
  • How can I ensure the confidentiality of my designs?
    At OL, we only share your design details with the ethical manufacturers in our network whom we trust. Producers and manufacturers are generally not interested in marketing and selling their own products. They stick to what they do best. When you’re not in production, your intellectual property is stored securely for protection against design exposure. And we have strict confidentiality clauses in our terms and conditions to guard against this. We also reccommend that you don't publicly (by social media or otherwise) launch pre pictures of your designs until you are launching. This will ensure other designers, who are most likely the ones to steal your creative design ideas, don't do so before you have even launched.
  • I already have fabrics, can I still use you for production?"
    Yes absolutely.
  • What do I need to do to get started?
    Follow these instructions: 1. Download our helpful Starter Kit. It offers you everything you need to know including a get ready checklist so we can get started with a brief. 2. Choose our Samples Package to get your full Spec Sheet of all products, patterns, fabrics chosen and samples in your hand. 3. Get a Bulk Production Quote which will outline the costs from start to finish. 4. If you are completely new the production and fashion industry and have no idea where to start we reccommend a consultation. We have extensive experience from designing, retail, marketing and production and can help you with a personalised plan to ensure your design is successful and you are clear on every step you need to take. If unsure at anytime simply contact us. We'd love to help.
  • Can you do all the sourcing for me?
    Yes. That's part of our job. We can source any material or product provided it is produced in Bali.
  • Can you send me fabric samples?
    Yes we can. We charge for the swatch and postage.
  • How can I receive a production quote?
    For new designers we recommend a consultation first to get a full brief and understand your design in detail. For those with experience already we recommend requesting a quote here.
  • How long does it take to receive a quote?
    Option 1 - No Spec Sheet or Samples (new design) Without a spec sheet and samples we can't quote for bulk production. So first get started with a Sample Pack (offers low minimums, patterns, specs and samples). Option 2 - Specs and Samples Ready If we have accurate spec sheets and your samples on hand we can produce a quote within a few days. It depends on the difficulty or simplicity of your design and availability of materials. Request a quote here.
  • What is ethical manufacturing?
    It's important for every designer to check the quality and standard of how and where your garments are produced. Ethical production means that those who produce your work are not taken advantage of, have high quality work standards and are rewarded appropriately for their time and effort. OL provides healthy and safe working environments for their workers - the relationships we have built mean our partners are like family and we provide good living wages to our workers, help to reduce poverty, create sustainable communities, and minimise our environmental impact.
  • What is fair trade?
    Fair Trade is first and foremost a social movement. The assertion of the movement is to support producers in developing countries to achieve more sustainable trading conditions. Supporters advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards.
  • How do I know if the factories are ethical/fair trade?
    The word “factory” gives the impression that clothing is made by machines, when in fact, they are made by people. Our belief in fair trade values means we are working towards building partnerships so we can all grow together. We are committed to ethics and ensuring garment workers are paid and treated fairly. We review the working conditions and staff / management, we review their facilities and equipment, and we assess the quality and consistency of their workmanship. If they do not meet our standards for high quality ethical manufacturing, we simply don't work with them.
  • What is a spec sheet?
    Spec sheets are the blueprint of your garments and your gateway to accurate production information. Manufacturers use spec sheets to calculate fabric consumption, dyeing needs, printing needs, materials needs, styling, fit, and sizing. All of these impact your production costs so without them, you’re leaving your production open to risk of failure in the samples production phase. Also if you don’t have spec sheets, you can be cheated when prices are being communicated.
  • Can OneLove create a spec sheet for me?
    Yes. In our starter/sample packages spec sheets are included before samples are made. They are then yours to keep.
  • I just have rough sketches/ideas of my design. What do I do now?
    Whatever you have you send it to us. We'll do a brief to get you started. Then we'll turn your ideas into spec sheets ready for sampling.
  • I have an item of clothing I'd like to copy, what do I do?"
    Just as you won't like someone copying your designs, others don't either. So with any item you'd like to copy the item should be altered 30% from the original .
  • How does sampling work?
    Sampling is the most important aspect of garment production. Without a blue print for your design production cannot proceed. Once a spec sheet is created, sampling begins. Sampling involves a commitment from you the designer. There will be many questions that need answers and things that will require your approval and attention. Communication is the key to successful sampling. Once we start sampling we will set up a WhatsApp chat group which involves all team members. We find this the best way to remain in communication and get things answered quickly and your sampling done in the least possible time frame. Many factories, businesses, personal and resources are involved in the sample development process. It is a big loss to the factories if an order is not accompanied with the development of a sample. Purpose of sampling Gives designer and manufacturer a blueprint of finished product Allows true production costs to be established Allows for revisions to be made before production Allows for product testing
  • How do I get samples made?
    In our starter packages/sample package we create both spec sheets and then move on to samples. It goes like this: 1. Brief us on what you want 2. Spec Sheets created for each item 3. Patterns created for each item 4. Samples produced 5. Feedback on samples 6. Final samples ready
  • What do I get in the sample phase?
    Initial design consult and follow-up Sourcing – Hardware, fabric, materials etc. Project management with all suppliers and manufacturers Basic spec sheet (if sampling from physical sample) Develop QC plan Pattern making Size grading Dye colorway strike off Print strike off Sample revisions
  • What does sampling cost?
    Sample price is calculated at 3 x production costs. It takes a lot longer to make a sample than produce a large quantity. We also charge a sample fee per style to cover pattern making and admin costs in case the designer does not proceed to production. The sample fee is credited back to the client if a production order is placed with a value of $5000+ for that style. Sample Costs: 2x quoted production price/style Pattern making and admin $50.00/style Size grading $10.00/additional size Dye strike off $15.00/colour Print strike off $20.00/motive +setup cost Revision cost
  • What is Prototype sampling?
    Prototype sampling is a requirement before production. We work closely with the designer as there are many Q&A’s during this stage made from RTD (ready to dye) material of designers’ choice made in 1 size as per designer’s instructions pattern making & size grading developed materials sourced specialist tailoring and sewing as per fabric/stitching/trims used Dye/print, colorways strike off done for approval True fabric & hardware consumption calculated True sewing/printing/dying/hardware cost established 2 samples made - 1 goes to designer for approval 1 kept by us as a master All testing, adjustments and revisions by designer are done at this stage Final approval ready for production Prototype sampling takes time. Patience is needed to get everything correct. If the prototype is not perfect the first time that’s normal. It’s a work in progress. Don’t worry we will work together to correct it. Remember a perfect sample = worry free production.
  • What are Size samples?
    Size samples are optional. E.g. having a sample made for every size of every style. 1 unit in each required size made in RTD fabric Fabric used same as in production Size samples are made only if you wish to check the pattern makers standard size grading for fit. We will need to develop a fully approved prototype (see above) before we make size samples Used to test size grading - sizing adjustments can be made at this stage
  • What is a Salesman/Photoshoot sample?
    . We will only make salesman samples once a production order has been placed and deposit paid. Generally, we include salesman samples as part of your production order but these are made first and sent early so you can get selling faster.Requires production order Salesman samples need a production commitment Made exactly as finished production including all colorways /prints/trims etc. Size as per designer’s instructions (usually the size of photoshoot model) Used for photoshoots promotion and sales
  • What things need to be considered during the sampling phase?
    Thing to consider during sampling Prints and colorways Setup costs Brand label design & placement Care instructions & size labels - custom or generic Swing tag design Packaging & merchandising We help you every step of the way and communicate clearer to get your design right.
  • How long does sampling take?
    Time frame to sample your product will depend entirely on the nature and complexity of the product and the availabilty of materials used. An inital spec sheet for a style takes 2-5 days. Then creating a sample for that style takes 7-14 days.
  • What are the minimum order quantities (MOQ) for bulk production?
    Every factory, artisan or producer has different MOQ's. However as a general rule we offer: Minimum 30 pieces per style Minimum bulk production of $1000USD For orders with a total value less than USD$1000.00 there will be an additional USD$200.00 fee to cover admin costs.
  • How long does bulk production take?
    Every item/design is different. Bulk production depends on the simplicity or difficulty of your design. E.g. a beaded gown vs a simple tshirt. Its not easy to answer this question because every production is unique. The complexity of your garments’ styles, the total number of pieces in your order, and the availability of materials will all impact your production timeframe. We’ve had productions range from 1 months to 5 months in production. Generally speaking bulk production is between 4-12 weeks.
  • What is a lead time?
    Lead times are the length of time you’ll need to wait before your production can begin but your lead time will begin from the moment your payment is received. If you’re serious about getting your clothing line produced, we recommend sending in your tech packs and samples immediately. January through March is slow, and for the rest of the year everyone is swamped, get started today.
  • How are my clothes packaged?
    During the sample phase we choose the most desirable packaging for you.
  • How are my clothes labelled and tagged?
    During the sample phase we choose label and tag options.
  • What are your quality control methods?
    We keep in constant contact with our suppliers, manufactuerers and also oversee the work closely/daily in our own factory.
  • Can you do dying?
    If a fabric can hold the dye/print, we can get it done. When choosing colours, we recommend using pantone colour codes this is the international colour standard. Click HERE for a handy link to the pantone colour chart. Please note: The original colour of the product may be different from photos, this is due to lighting, white balance and settings of your monitor. We strongly suggest you receive physical swatch colour sample for approval.
  • Do you have MOQ for printing or dying?
    MOQs for dyeing vary depending on your choice of fabrics. The MOQ ranges from 30m to 1,000m or higher.
  • Can you provide organic dyes or eco printing?
    Yes. Our manufacturers are able to naturally dye fabrics. These are generally used for natural fibre textiles such as cotton or rayon or linen etc. Prices for using organic dyes or eco-ink are higher than conventional dyes but we do not have prices, we can only tell you your exact costs during quoting.
  • What kinds of fabric printing do you use?
    We can do digital printing, screen printing both yardage and placement, batik, and sublimation printing. We will need detailed graphic files of your motive or we can recommend a graphic designer to work with you. We can also, in some instances take a scan from a fabric sample to produce a print.
  • What are the costs of printing and dying set up?
    This is including in your sample package and is as follows: Dye strike off $15.00/colour Print strike off $20.00/motive +setup cost
  • How many colours can you print?
    For screen printing, the maximum number of colours is 8. For digital printing, it’s nearly unlimited.
  • How long does it take to print and dye?
    Once we have your spec sheets and agree on a sample with graphic design files we will let you know exactly how long it takes to get the job done. There are two possible scenarios, depending on what you’re producing. Either the fabric needs to be printed first before making your clothes or your clothes need to be made before your printing is completed. Both scenarios come with varying timeframes.
  • What file formats do you accept for graphics?
    We accept Adobe Illustrator, PDF, JPG, or PNG file formats. If you’re printing an image on a section of your garments (ie: logo on the chest) then you need to send your file with the exact dimensions set to scale. If you want an all-over printing of the entire fabric, we need your files saved for yardage printing or repeat printing. This means we need your image dimensions in centimetres to represent exact scale.
  • Do you do dye or print tests?
    Yes. Test dyeing is generally conducted on 1 kg of fabric. For digital or screen print testing, our manufacturers usually test 1m of fabric. You can request to have these test fabrics sent to you for review, just let us know.
  • Are there any set up costs for printing and dying?
    We will need to purchace fabric for color dye and print strike off and set up screens or digital printer below is a list of aproximate costs Dye Strike Off $15.00/colourway + fabric cost. min 1 mt fabric - 1st colour, 0.5 mt / additional colors. Yardage Print Strike Off $30.00/motive + screen setup + Fabric cost Screens approx $90.00 / colour - standard screen min 1 mt fabric - 1st motive, 0.5 mt / additional motive or colourway. Placement Print Strike Off $20.00/motive + screen setup +fabric cost. screens approx $30.00 / colourway -standard screen min fabric 1 mt - 1st motive, 0.5 yard / additional motive or colourway. Digital/Sublimation Print Strike Off $50.00/ motive + fabric cost. min fabric 1 mt - 1st motive, 0.5 mt / additional motive.
  • What are the costs of screens for screen printing?
    Costs of screens vary depending on the size of the screens needed for your specific designs. Prices can range from $25 USD to $250 USD. Keep in mind that each new colour in your design requires a separate screen. The great thing about screens is they can be reused hundreds of times in future productions.
  • Can you color match from a photo ?
    Unfortunatly no, we will require a physical color sample or pantone code The original colour may be very different from the photos, this is due to lighting, white balance and settings of your camera and computer monitor.
  • How does shipping work?
    We can arrange shipping through DHL or EMS door to door service. Or we can work with your choice of cargo company. Shipping cost can quickly add up depending on weight and size of shipment. You also need to factor customs import taxes and duties. We strongly suggest you do your own research. Click HERE for a handy website to calculate import duties and taxes.
  • How long does it take to ship?
    It depends on where you live, and which shipping method you need to use. Air freight is faster than sea freight. To give you an example, our clients receive their packages usually between 4 to 10 business days from the shipping date. The fastest we’ve seen is 48 hours door-to-door. Sea freight can take months.
  • Can I use my DHl/TNT etc account?
    Yes, that’s perfect. All we need is your account number and your shipment details, and we can even arrange your shipment for you.
  • I need a photographer to shoot the finished products on models can you help?
    Yes we can. We have excellent photographers and models on hand and can help oversee this aspect of the final stages of launching your brand.
  • I'm not sure how to market my label can you help?
    Yes we can refer you to those in the know in the fashion industry to help with web design, social media and marketing fashion labels.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Our payment terms our outlined in our packages. Please see here or download our starter kit here for all the details.
  • What kind of payments do you accept?
    We accept bank transfer Credit card available in our Bali office only. To save you money on fees and to get the best exchange rates we reccommend using services like or to make your payment.
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