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A comprehensive checklist of what you need to get ready for Fashion Production with OneLove!


Get a clear description and vision ready for your brand. Take the time to cultivate a detailed vision for how you will market and sell your brand and who the market is. Get pictures, samples, sketches together and write a detailed description for your vision ready for us.


Consider what experience or qualifications or experience you will need to be successful. Be honest about the areas that are not your strengths and consider who can assist in those areas. Remember you are better off focusing on what your strengths are and outsourcing the jobs that are not. This will save you time, energy and money in the long run.

Get Spec Sheet Ready

If you don't have spec sheets or tech packs we need to create them for you. To do this we need:

  1. Physical sample we can clone

  2. Sketches or pictures or samples of each of your styles

  3. Exact measurements

  4. Colour swabs or Pantone colour codes

  5. Details of sizes wanted for each of your styles

  6. Send all of this information to us. 

Get Sample Ready

To get ready for samples you need:

1. Spec Sheets

2. Choice of Materials (Fabrics, hardware accessories)

3. Graphics for Print Ready

4. Choose A Samples Package

5. Make Payment

Get Production Ready

To get ready for production you need:

1. Samples Completed

2. A Quote for Production

3. Labels & Packaging Chosen

4. Make Payment

Fashion Designer Checklist For Clothing Production
Starter Kit
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