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Looking for unique fashion, homewares or furniture in Bali?


OneLove is your partner for sourcing the outstanding handmade and unique products of Bali - whether you are a hotel, private buyer, shop or designer looking to source products unique to your needs we can help make your buying trip to Bali easy.


Bali today is a hot spot of creativity and an amazing manufacturing hub for unique products including clothing, furniture, homewares, leather goods, jewellery, soft furnishings, rugs, kitchen-wear, rattan goods and more . With OneLove private buyers and commercial shoppers can save hours of time and have us buy, purchase & ship the goods you are seeking of the highest possible standard at an economic advantage not found anywhere else in the world. 


Bali’s manufacturers also cater to small production runs allowing for exclusivity in the market. It’s no wonder that Bali now attracts some of the most talented and gifted fashion designers, furniture manufacturers, artisans and more from all over the world.

Every shopper needs the skills and support of a reliable purchaser and professional buying agent who knows Bali, has the contacts you are seeking and can help you get the best possible pricing AND the best possible quality if they wish to succeed.


Finding these factories, stores and goods can be a challenge, we have a huge network of quality manufacturers and suppliers who can produce almost anything you can dream up or anything that has caught your eye. Clothing, jewellery, leather goods, shoes, hats, homewares, soft furnishings, kitchen wear, furniture, baskets, rugs, art work and a lot more. We can help you source it and inspect for quality assurance as well as support your shipping needs.


Our team has the knowledge skills and network to turn your vision into reality.

We are Bali’s leading wholesale buying agent for all goods made and produced in Bali  allowing us to do all the wholesale sourcing you need on your behalf. We are an Australian run business delivery personalised professional quality garment production to designers worldwide since 2008. We've lived in Bali for many years and have all the contacts, lingo & connections. So you don't have to go to the hassle of sourcing your goods - we do all the leg work for you. 


We offer ethical production from our quality producers and a unique connection with Bali's most skilled artisans and producers. Not only can we skilfully source the goods you are seeking with high quality materials at great prices we also create unique products that require rare materials and craftsmanship. 


We offer low minimum orders ideal for private buyers, start ups and small businesses and the most competitive prices and intimate service on the island. We also cater to hotels, resorts, designers and stores looking for commercial sourcing and production.


We offer you a streamlined simple efficient sourcing, production, quality control and delivery service from start to finish regardless of where you are in the world. 

To get started simply EMAIL THE ONE LOVE TEAM with your purchasing needs and our sourcing specialist will be in touch. If we can help you will book your first consult for with our purchasing guide to go through with you in detail how it works, time frames, costs, shipping and more. We will guide you through the entire process from initial contact to sampling, quality control & delivery on time. 

Contact ONE LOVE here >>>




Swinging Chair



Send us your ideas and images of exactly what you need. We will advise if we can help.




OneLove offers a detailed consult to define your buying and sourcing needs in detail including costs, time frames, quality control and more. 




Once we've researched and defined your purchase and delivery we'll get moving on buying on your behalf, delivering on time and ensuring top quality goods are delivered to your door.

How We Help


We specialise in assisting individuals or commercial buyers for sourcing all goods in Bali. We have extensive experience over 9 years in Bali across all areas of the fashion industry, retail, production, villa design and more. When it comes to your Bali buying trip - we make life easy. Send us an email with the images of the goods you are after - then we'll book you in for your first detailed consult to get started if we can help. We have a range of products at our finger tips and delivering quality products to your door at great prices in record time no matter where you are in the world is what we do.

Get in touch...


Spending hours shopping, negotiating and combing the streets for fashion, jewellery, furniture, homewares and more can be time consuming and exhausting - especially if you are unaware of the currency and correct pricing and you don't speak the language. We already have a range of quality reliable factories, artisans and designers at our fingertips. We do all the research, negotiation, quality control and communication with production houses on your behalf. This makes the whole process fast and easy for you.


Once we've found exactly what you are after we can show case your samples. No matter where you are in the world we can communicate any way you wish to ensure we stay in touch the whole way through the process.

Bulk Productions

With your samples ready you are now ready for bulk production or buying. Depending on quantities prices and time frames vary. 

We oversee every aspect of the production and ensure the highest standards of quality control so you can breathe easy and not have to deal with the constant monitoring or producers ensuring they stick to time frames and delivery a quality product.

Low Minimum Orders Saves You Money

We love supporting small business. We all have to start somewhere. So if you only are after a few select items and low minimum orders and a limited budget that's ok with us. We offer low minimum orders so there is no need to delay on your Bali purchasing asap.

Ethical Production

When people think 'factory' they think machines. When in fact in Bali it is real people making your products come to life. Unlike China, Bali offers a unique hub for fashion, art, furniture, homewares, kitchenware and much more. We source and work alongside highly skilled craftsman who are well rewarded for their work. Rather than a factory machine producing your items, our producers and team are real people creating an authentic product and by working with us you are supporting their families and livelihood. We've worked with many of our suppliers and producers since we began in 2008. We have close reliable relationships with them and are proud to be able to reward them for their skilled workmanship.

Specialty Products by Real Artisans

Possibly one of the reasons thousands of individuals and companies source for their homes, retail stores or resorts in Bali - is the unique craftsmanship and artisan products. No matter what you are seeking Bali offers world class production and a stunning array of fashion, furniture, jewellery, leather, art, homewares, kitchen wear and more.

Labeling & Packaging

When production is complete we assist with label and packaging design and creation if you need to sell the goods. You receive your product ready to sell on the shelves or decorate your home or hotel.


We'll get your product to you safely and quickly. We help organise the customs documents associated with shipping goods to be sold in your country and communicate with you every step of the way.

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We can pretty much source anything and everything!

Bali is a bustling manufacturing hub for creating beautiful specialist quality goods. 


Here is what we can source for you in Bali:

Fashion - white label fashion or top Bali fashion labels to stock your store including swimwear, children's wear, womens wear, mens wear, denim, leather goods, shoes and more

Accessories - some of the design worlds best produce in Bali including jewellery, scarves, sarongs, key chains, hand bags, purses, wallets, baskets and more

Homewares - the selection of exotic and stunning homewares in Bali is exceptional. We can source for you bed accessories, pillow covers, throws, rugs, table ware, decorative furnishings, baskets, table linen and much more

Furniture - explore Bali's amazing selection of hand crafted furniture including day beds, tables, chairs, beds, lamps, statues, art work and more


Who do we Source for in Bali?

We are specialist suppliers to hotels, resorts, interior decorators and designers, retail stores, online stores, contractors and developers, villa owners, wholesalers and private buyers.

We provide the professional / commercial buyers  with complete product sourcing service for a diverse range of Indonesian products. We also operate a personal shopping service to cater to the needs of private buyers who need assistance to source and ship for their homes. Renovations and home makeovers are EASY with One Love Sourcing.

Here is a break down of Product Sourcing and Buying Agent Fees:

Consultation - $80 USD - Per Hour

Minimum Production or Buying Order $2000 USD

3 Items or Less  - $250 USD + 30% Commission Added to Total Order

4 Items  - $300 USD + 30% Commission Added to Total Order

5 Items -  $350 USD 30% Commission Added to Total Order

6 Items -  $400 USD 30% Commission Added to Total Order

Every item 7+ is $50 USD Extra For Each Item + 30% Commission Added to Total Order

Includes Research, Quality Control, Liaison

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