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Want to know how to become a successful fashion designer? Together the directors of OneLove Fashion Production have a combined experience of over 40 years in the fashion design, retail and production industry. We can help you understand what do you really need to know about becoming successful in the field. With this list, we review the top skills needed to excel in the fashion world with our help.

         Using your Creativity & Artistic Sense

With a great fashion manufacturer or production house you don't necessarily need to be a designer. But you do need a good eye for detail and a great sense of creativity. If you have no idea about design we can bring in a designer for you. You just have to know what you like and we can use our experience to help pull the whole concept together.

         Sketches or Samples

If you can draw; great! If not just find samples or pictures of what you like and decide how you would like to alter them to become your own design. You need to know the exact measurements you would like for your designs. This reduces mistakes in the sample phase.

         Good Eye for Detail

Fashion designers & producers also a good eye for detail.

For example, how do you envision the pleats falling on a skirt or a blouse cinching at the waist? What about ruching, ruffles or embroidery? It is often the detail that makes a product unique, so this skill cannot be overlooked, even if you're great at visualizing and drawing.

         Understanding Texture, Color, and Fabric

Design requires a good sense of texture, color, and fabric.

For example, you'll need to know whether a garment would work best in silk chiffon or another material. You'll also need to know which combinations of colors will be most flattering on a piece of clothing. It is these differences that make a design stand out. We can advise and guide you through our design development stages about what will work best for your pieces and source the material for you.

         Strong Visualization Skills

Prior to the drawing phase, a good designer must have strong visualization skills. This enables you to translate ideas onto paper, so that we have a really clear sense of the look you are aiming for as we work toward the finished product in the Sample Phase. The more detailed you are in your briefing with us, the easier it is for us to create your design.

         Excellent Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Designing footwear, clothing, and accessories requires collaboration with us and our team. It also requires strong people skills. This not only helps designers encourage us to create exactly what you are after but also saves a lot of time and money during the sampling and bulk production phases. During these phases you must be available to communicate often at every step. Even if you are on the other side of the world there are effective & easy ways for us to communicate clearly.

         A Good Sense for Business

A thorough understanding of the business world, including finance, sales, and marketing, is essential to becoming successful in the world of fashion. Creativity is the essence of fashion, but without a good understanding of business, it is difficult to sustain a fashion brand and make it profitable. We know, we've been there and helped hundreds of designers become successful. The best way to understand the funds and time involved is to get a quote from us and timeline so you know clearly the costs and time frames involved. If you are unsure how to market your designs we'll also put you in touch with those that can assist from graphic designers, website creators, photographers and marketing folk. These are all the factors that have to be considered to ensure your label is a success.

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