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Thinking of manufacturing in Bali?


onelove is your partner for fashion production.


Bali today is a hot spot of creativity and an important manufacturing hub. With onelove designers can have their creations produced to the highest quality standards at an economic advantage not found anywhere else in the world. 


Bali’s manufacturers also cater to small production runs allowing for exclusivity in the market. It’s no wonder that Bali now attracts some of the most talented and gifted fashion designers from all over the world.

Every designer needs the skills and support of a reliable manufacturer if they wish to succeed.


Finding these factories can be a challenge, we have a huge network of quality manufacturers and suppliers who can produce almost anything you can dream up. Garments, Dying, printing and merchandising. We can help you get it made.


Our team has the knowledge skills and network to turn your vision into reality.

We are Bali’s leading fashion and clothing manufacturer. We are an Australian run business delivery personalised professional quality garment production to designers worldwide since 2008. We've lived in Bali for many years and have all the contacts & connections. So you don't have to go to the hassle of sourcing materials & manufacturers yourself. 


We offer ethical production from our own factory and a unique connection with Bali's most skilled artisans and craftsmen. Not only can we skillfully produce the standard items (t-shirts, denim, dresses, swimwear, activewear, mens wear etc) with high quality materials at great prices we also create unique products that require rare materials and craftsmanship. 


We offer low minimum productions ideal for start ups and small businesses and the most competitive prices and intimate service on the island.


We offer you a streamlined simple efficient manufacturing, production and design service from start to finish regardless of where you are in the world. 

To get started simply grab our starter kit. It will guide you through the entire process from initial contact to sampling to production, quality control & delivery on time. 

You can also check out our FAQ and Get Ready Checklist pages to get started and get production ready in record time.


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What We Do


We specialize in assisting both new designers and highly experienced brands. We have extensive experience. over 9 years in Bali across all areas of the fashion industry. including assisting in design helping new designers get started with initial specs patterns and samples, bulk production and manufacturing for a large range of products and delivering quality products to your door at great prices on time no matter where you are in the world.

For start ups its best to start with a detailed consultation so you know what to expect and what you need to get ready.

Spec Sheets

All you need is some pictures, sketches & measurments or a physical sample of what you want and we can turn your designs into a reality. We can create Spec Sheets or Tech Packs of your designs. This leaves you with a finished product spec, graded and ready to sample.


With accurate spec sheets we eliminate possibility for error. Now we are ready to produce your samples. You'll have a high quality finished product in your hand in just a few weeks. We then work on refining the product to get it right. If you are not in Bali, no problem! We can have fit models come in to show off your finished product and work over skype with you to make adjustments. 

Low Minimum Orders Saves You Money

We love supporting small business. We all have to start somewhere. So if you only have a few designs and a limited budget that's ok with us. We offer low minimum orders from as small as 30 pieces per style. So there is no need to delay on starting your brand asap.

Bulk Fashion Production

With your samples ready you are now ready for bulk production. Time frames will depend entirely on the nature and complexity of the product and the quantity ordered. 

We oversee every aspect of the production and ensure the highest standards of quality control so you can breathe easy and not have to deal with the constant monitoring or producers ensuring they stick to time frames and delivery of a quality product.

Ethical Production

When people think 'factory' they think machines. When in fact in Bali it is real people making your desing come to life. Unlike China, Bali offers a unique hub for fashion production. We work with highly skilled craftsman who are well rewarded for their work. Rather than a factory machine producing your items, our producers and team are real people creating an authentic product and by working with us you are supporting their families and livelihood. We've worked with many of our suppliers and producers since we began in 2008. We have close reliable relationships with them and are proud to be able to reward them for their skilled workmanship.

Specialty Products by Real Artisans

Most large production manufacturers in the fashion industry shy away from creating unique detailed specialty products. We don't. We have formed unique relationships with some extraordinary producers of specialty products here in Bali. From ecological materials, beading, weaving, dye work and detailed accessories. We can assist.

Labeling & Packaging

During production we can assist with label and packaging design and creation. You receive your product fully merchandised ready to sell on the shelves.


We'll get your product to you safely and quickly. Using your choice of shipping or our own shipping agents. We help organize the customs documents associated with shipping goods to be sold in your country and communicate with you every step of the way.


If you are ready to launch your brand but need photography or marketing assistance we have great industry contacts to assist you. We'll refer you to those who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to helping you launch your brand successfully.

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How It Works

Brand & Brief

Tell us about your brand. Send pics, ideas & sketches. Request our starter kit to get a real quote and we'll call your for a personalised chat.


ethical clothing manufacturer

Spec Sheet

We'll follow up with exactly what we can do & get you started on a spec sheet to finalise designs.


Choose your sampler package to get started. To see packages click here.

quality clothing manufacturer agent


We chat together over phone, skype (using live models) or in person to ensure we have your design perfect before production.

Bulk Production

We only have a minimum order of 30 pieces per style. So when you are ready we go ahead and produce in bulk.

Quality Control

Every step of the way, at our own factory we oversee the quality & production of your brand and design for optimum quality.

Tag & Label

We'll help you tag and label your items with your own unique branding ready to sell professionally.

Air Shipping

No matter where you are in the world we'll ship your goods to you express.

Grab Packages That Suit You

Clothing manufacturer bali
Ethical clothing manufacturer bali
Fashion manufacturer bali

For start ups that are completely new to the fashion world and production and would like an in detail design, branding & production consult before going any further.  We help you get started with our professional advice for how to succeed as a designer.

For those who know what they are after we'll get your design off paper & into reality with a sample package. Includes specs, pattern creation and and first samples of your designs ready for feedback.

It's easy to get started, simply fill out our detailed request form.

If you are ready to produce in bulk we can personalise a unique quote for you for your first bulk run.  Simply request a quote and we'll get you started. We have a low minimum of only 30 pieces per style so its inexpensive to get started.

Tell us what you want. 

We'll do the rest.

Ethical Production.

Skilled Workmanship.

Quality Guaranteed.

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What We Make

Why Use A Quality Agent?

Why use Onelove as your one stop shop for wholesale manufacturing in Bali? 


Some designers head to Bali looking to go the DIY route to manufacturing their clothing label. Initially it seems like a good idea and cheaper but in the long run it ends up being a costly experience both financially and mentally. Not to mention the time wasted. And here is what happens to most:

1. Sourcing Materials

You spend days combing the streets and back alleys in search of material factories. Initially it seems fun until you've spent hours of each of those days in Bali traffic. Only to not find exactly what you are looking for.

2. Sourcing Reliable Production

Then you go in search of a production house. You spend more days searching back alleys looking for factories. The price seems too good; you can't resist. You choose to hand over your hard earned cash to what seems like a very trustworthy producer. They are all smiles and say yes to everything you ask for. They promise you short time frames and seem to know exactly what you want. What you don't know is that it is Indonesian culture to say 'yes' to everything. Even if the answer is really 'no'. 

3. Waiting On Samples

Weeks pass after the initial promise date of samples your trustworthy producer has dropped contact. Or has ceremony commitments. Or someone in the family is injured/sick - the classic excuse for jobs not being done. Bali time is different to any time frames you know to understand. And work ethic is completely foreign concept to those who are new to modern day western business. If you ever do receive your samples they might be nothing like the original design you had planned on. Meanwhile you are out of pocket, out of time and disheartened.


4. Bulk Production

Most new designers at this point don't even bother going back to the beginning and starting all over again. They simply give up and never get to the point of bulk production or selling their product. What seems 'cheap' in the beginning. Ends up being a long drawn out timely expensive process.

We are not saying this is true in all cases but if we had a dollar for every time we've heard this story we would be retired :)


There is a reason why designers who have been in the industry for some time use OneLove. They value their time and value for money.

Here is what happens when you work with us:

1. Briefing & Design Assistance

We have a detailed understanding of EXACTLY what you want. No matter where you are in the world we do not begin sampling until we are sure we can deliver you a perfect product.

2. Top Quality Materials Access

We have access to all the top material factories and our own factories with quality control measures in place. We tightly manage every producer and oversee every step of the journey so that we can stick to time frames.

3. We Deal With Issues

If any stress or issues arise in production. We deal with the stress. Not you. 

4. Timely Production

You get your samples on time and you get exactly what you wanted. If it's not quite perfect we adjust through our feedback sessions until it is.

5. High Standard Ethical Manufacturing

We produce on time every time and to a high quality standard using ethical manufacturing (our team are well rewarded for their hard work) and you receive a high quality product, uniquely made by individual artisans in Bali; not a factory machine in China. 

6. Fast Shipping

We ship your goods safely.

7. Market & Sell Your Product

You can get on with selling and marketing your brand. And if you don't know how to do that we will help you there too.

8. You Won't Get Ripped Off

Bali is beautiful but its also full of scams and rip offs. We've lived here long enough to not have that happen and we speak the language. If you want a production house you can trust for wholesale fashion production. We are it. 




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