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Payment of 50% deposit will be deemed as acceptance of terms and conditions

  • All prices are quoted as cash price. Onelove accepts no responsibly for any bank transfer fees, interbank fees, receiving fees and/or exchange rate differences.

  • Amount credited to your invoice will match the total amount received into our bank account.

  • All shipping costs including duties and taxes are borne by client.



  • Initial quotation estimate is free of charge.

  • Quote is estimate only. True production cost given only after sampling done.

  • If quotation requires costs (e.g. making pattern or mould) all costs are borne by client

  • Sample price is 3X production price/piece + $50.00/style non-refundable pattern making/admin fee 

  • Two Samples are made. One sample goes to client and one kept by onelove as master until production is finished. Master sample is returned only at clients’ request.

  • Production of sample will begin only when 50% deposit received into our account.

  • Any inaccuracy in the agreed sample is fixed free of charge.

  • Any extra costs arising from changes to original agreed sample are borne by client.

  • All samples are made in RTD fabric (ready to dye) in 1 agreed size.

  • All costs for sample print/dye strike offs and/or setup cost borne by client

  • Colour, print, size, and/or salesman samples made only when production order has been placed.

Product Design and Development

  • Hourly rate as per project – Plus material and factory costs

  • Deposit required- negotiable as per project



  • Production order will proceed only when sample is accepted, in writing, as correct in all respects and we have agreed, in writing, the delivery date and price.

  • Deposit of 50% required before commencement of production

  • Production timeframe will start from date Deposit received into our account.

  • Agreed completion date is date goods are shipped ex onelove

  • Balance due on completion of production. shipping only after balance paid in full

  • Quoted price of production subject to change until deposit received

  • No changes to order once deposit has been received unless agreed by both parties in writing

  • Any changes made after deposit received may result in change of agreed completion date

  • Generic care/size label and packing included in quoted price. Custom labels/packing extra

  • Branding label and merchandising extra.

  • Minimum orders apply subject to supplier/manufacturer

  • All technical issues, shortages, and/or damages arising that affect make, delivery date, sizing, price or quantity will be communicated in writing to you as soon as we are aware of them.

  • We will preserve the confidentiality and intellectual property of your designs by not using your patterns without agreement or showing your designs or goods to third parties.

  • Any extra costs, not previously agreed, will be notified to you in writing and production will only continue upon your written agreement.

  • We will keep any un-used fabrics and components for maximum 6 months after production finished after which it will be disposed of without further notice or claim by you.

  • Any faulty goods must be reported to us within 14 days of delivery

  • Upon notification of a quality problem we will rectify at the earliest possible opportunity. This will be at no charge if it is our fault. Repair refund or discount to be agreed upon by both parties. We will require detailed information/photographs regarding any faulty goods.

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