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Fashion Design Development | Fashion Production Bali

Consultation & Brand Development

Are you just starting out in the industry? The OneLove directors have a combined experience in the fashion industry of over 40 years including design, fashion retail, brand construction & manufacturing. A consultation establishes confidence and understanding before you embark on your journey to bring concept to reality.


  • Detailed 2 HR Consultation & Advice Briefing Your Idea & Designs

  • How To Succeed In The Industry

  • What To Expect & What You Need to Get Ready

  • Time Frames

  • Referrals To Quality Graphic Designers, Designers, Photographers, Marketers & Industry Contacts If Required

Who Is It For?

  • First Time Designers

  • Those With No Experience

  • Those Who Don't Know Where To Start

  • Those Who Are Unsure Whether To Launch Their Product Or Not

  • Those Who Want To Build A Relationship With Us Before Beginning

80 USD



Product development & Sampling

OneLove offers a range of development services to prepare clients for manufacturing including: pattern drafting, sample making and grading. These are the necessary first steps before manufacturing can begin. 

Many factories, businesses, personal and resources are involved in the sample development process. It is a big loss to the factories if an order is not accompanied with the development of a sample. We therefore charge a development fee that will be credited towards your production order when you proceed. This will cover costs if you decide not to go ahead with a bulk order

Purpose of sampling:

  •  Gives designer and manufacturer a blueprint of finished product

  •  Allows true production costs to be established

  •  Allows for revisions to be made before production

  •  Allows for product testing


  • Design brief - discuss your design styles & inspiration mood boards

  • Discuss Fabric types and supply swatches

  • Discuss accessory’s/embellishments/hardware/applications & source samples

  • Discuss colourways and print designs

  • Pattern making 1 size & draft Spec sheet

  • Prototype/fitting sample (toile) production – By making designs in plain economical fabrics first it gives the designer a chance to test the pattern, the fit, the design lines and proportion without ruining expensive fabrics (If you require prototype sample done in your fabric choice. Fabric surcharge will apply)

  • Prototype fitting and corrections consult

  • Once prototype is done and all aspects are correct & approved by designer, true production cost can be calculated

Bulk Fashion Production | Garment Factory Bali

Manufacturing & Bulk Production

OneLove provides both small batch and large scale manufacturing services for independent designers and established brands alike utilising manufacturing facilities right here in Bali. We offer strict quality control and ethical production only. 


  • Sampling Must Already Be Complete (see sampling above)

  • You Order Your Bulk Production Pieces

  • All aspects of production are managed by our team of professionals

  • Finished units inspected by our quality control team before shipping

  • We Tag, Label & Package

  • We Ship Your Goods


How It Works

Brand & Brief

Tell us about your brand. Send pics, ideas & sketches. Request our starter kit to get a real quote and we'll call your for a personalised chat.


clothing manufacturer agent bali

Spec Sheet

We'll follow up with exactly what we can do & get you started on a spec sheet to finalise designs.


Choose your sampler package to get started. To see packages click here.

clothing manufacturer bali


We chat together over phone, skype (using live models) or in person to ensure we have your design perfect before production.

Bulk Production

We only have a minimum order of 30 pieces per style. So when you are ready we go ahead and produce in bulk.

Quality Control

Every step of the way, at our own factory we oversee the quality & production of your brand and design for optimum quality.

Tag & Label

We'll help you tag and label your items with your own unique branding ready to sell professionally.

Air Shipping

No matter where you are in the world we'll ship your goods to you express.




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